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This Malaysia Property and Real Estate blog is managed by Hartanah Realty E(3)1569.

Tan Chin Kooi began his career with the valuation division of the Treasury in 1963. Receiving his professional education and practical training both here in Malaysia and in the United Kingdom. He rose to the rank of Director of the Kelantan Branch before joining the private sector in 1974. Gaining experience in the fields of valuation, real estate agency and management.

He has appeared in the High Court in the capacity of assessor to assist and advise the Judge and also as an expert witness. For several years he was a lecturer and examiner in the school of Housing, Building and Planning, University Sains Malaysia, Penang.

Mr Lew Chin Chuan commenced practice in 1970 under the name and style of Lew Chin Chuan & Co. After practising for several years Mr Lew Chin Chuan decided to convert the practise from a sole proprietorship to a partnership under the name Juruconsult Hartanah in 1977 before finally reverting to a sole proprietorship under the name Jurukor Hartanah in 1989.

In 2013, The Board of Valuers, Appraisers and Estate Agents approved the setting up of Agensi Jurukor Hartanah to practise Real Estate Agency exclusively.

Lew Chin Chuan commenced his professional career in 1962 as a trainee valuer in the Ministry of Finance before joining C.H. Williams, a firm of Chartered Surveyors, first in Singapore and thereafter in Kuala Lumpur. While in Government service he was enrolled as an external student of the College of Estate Management, St Albans, University of London.

Mr Lew was a founder member of the Malaysian Institute of Estate Agents. He had served the institute as Vice-President and Honorary Secretary for various terms since 1977 before retiring as president in 1986.

Following the demise of Mr Lew in 2014, Mr Tan Chin Kooi has now taken over the agency, practising under the name and style: HARTANAH REALTY since 22nd January 2015.


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