Worth investing Commercial Shop Lot 值得投资地点店铺低于市价




We have one row of 3 Storey Shoplot possible to Made over and Resell
at Senai near Senai International airport now blooming 
With the butterfly effect of the international flight from Senai International airport especially Airasia Daily Flight to & Fro Guangzhou and Shenzhen of China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Bangkok, Thailand , Increase the flight to Local Kuala Tengganu Lately . With the largest man made Forest City a USD 100 Billion Chinese made by Country
Information report link :-





士乃机场增航班 须先评估经济效益


asking price only RM 6.5 Million for 10 unit 3 storey 只售马币六百五十万

10 unit 十间

lot size 20’x 70′

2 Endlot 两个边铺

8 intermediate 

leasehold 99 

just 2 km from Senai airport

Maion road FrontPage Jalan Lapangan Terbang 

currently already have access next to this block

by AB Inn
after getting the proper access connecting to AB Inn 
Paint and add new modern facade 

Possible resale price at RM 1.2 million each 

Intermediate at RM 1.168,000 each
2 unit Endlot at RM 1,388,000 million each 可再售 一百三十八万八

possible New GDV at RM 12.12 million

Spend Cost around RM 1.5  million for application, road infra ,  touch up , out look and new facade


Possible gross profit RM 4 million 售后利润约四百万

after clearing all unit will be  facing main road 面向大路

Possible business and tenant :

Tourism related  Restaurant , Tourist product shop and Hotel
Google location pls click below link:-


Thank you 谢谢

Best regards; 

WINNIE.Q 017-6111617
(REN 22371)

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