Kuchai Lama – The Suite Starz ( Smart Home ) New Launching Project
Land area : 2 acres
Commercial Service Apartment
346 units
4 types, Unit Size
899 sf, 918 sf, 1198 sf, 1523 sf
2 car park for 899 sf & 918 sf
2 car park for 1198 sf and 1523 sf


The Starz Offer Package :

1.For Buyers
* Contact us for special package

2. Renovation Rebate / Package upon Vacant Procession(VP)
* Cash rebate ( Ang Pow ) to the Buyer upon VP

3. The Starz Residence VIP card For Owner


1. VIP card owner can use this credit to pay for the maintenance fees

The Starz
A Remarkable development with 1ST IN MALAYSIA EXTRAORDINARY

1st in Malaysia with the following Personal Touch services.

– Events We organize events like Wedding, Birthday and others as per owner request
– New Born We provided with professional staff at our Nursery for day care or 24 hours care & Toddler
Children Transport to and fro school can be provided to residents at The Suite Starz.
– Food Catering of food for lunch and dinner is available. and the food will be delivered to your unit as per time requested.
– Elderly We provided Nursing care for the elderly by our professional Staff
– Housekeeping We provided professional housekeeping for your unit at The Suite Starz
– Transport Management provide transport services to
A) Airport.
B) To work
C) To destination as per owners request example shopping mall,
super markets and ETC.


1) Service fees will be set by Jinling Management Sdn. Bhd. ( BELOW Market Price )
2) Services are only for residents of The Suite Starz
3) Services are all managed by Professional Services Team

Commitment to the Owner of The Starz
The Team not only will set up above services, but also will contribute CASH to manage the above SERVICES
for the RESIDENTS.

1. CASH RM 500,000.00 for the ELDERLY SERVICES FUND
2.Another CASH RM 500,000.00 for the CHILDREN SERVICES FUND
* A independent LAWYER will be appointed as TRUSTEE to manage the above RM 1 MILLION FUND.

Stress Free Home
Living in Comfort at THE SUITE STARZ

1 Finger print lock sets

2 lntercom / 7 inch colour screens in every unit to communicate
A) With food Caterring
B) With our Maintenance office for our services
C) With our Security office
D) With our Guard house regarding Visitors

3 NOTE : –
Residents’ cars do not need to use the ACCESS CARDS to enter themain gate / parking area. Automated detection system will recognize pre-registered number plates and provide seamless access

4 VISITORS Residents can generate a QR CODE for VISITORS as access pass,
skipping lengthy registration processess at the check point

5 *WlFI Tower A & B will have WIFI access throughout the COMMON AREAS

Facilities :

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Jogging Track
Swimming Pool
24hr Security
Barbecue Area
Covered Parking
Mini Market
Wading Pool

Any enquiries or more details please contact :

KELVIN KENG 012-2190090 REN(02280)
MAY KENG 019-3033311 REN(02272)
WINSON KENG 017-3863816 REN(02269)
VIVIAN NG 012-3847410 REN(02262)
SERENE NG 019-3117892 REN(02255)
LYDIA SIM 017-2872633 REN(02250)
TAN CHOON HIN 016-6268227 REN(02248)
CHERLY LEE 012-3235661 REN(02243)
LIZ CHONG 016-3223671 REN(02237)
WINNIE Q 017-6111617 REN(22371)
WILLIAM CHO 012-3276160 REN(11469)


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