Kuala Kangsar 616 acre Agriculture Land For Sale

This pieces of land is located along the high way from Ipoh To Kuala Kangsar

Freehold land.

These pices of land is hilly, approxiately 600 metres high.
The whole land has planted with oil palm trees, aged 2.5 years old.
There is total of 9 titles.

Asking for RM 60,000/acre

There is railway cutting through the land.

Buyer has 2 options in managing the return on these pieces of land;
a) Keep the oil palm trees and waiting for another 2 years for harvest.
b) As the soil of the hill is suitable for industry use, we have ready buyer for the soil.

Buyer should be able to get back the land cost after selling the soil.
Note: Flat freehold land next to high way is asking at about RM100,000 per acre at the current market.

For more information please call Kelvin 0122190090


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