Cheras Heights, Taman Bukit Cheras, Kuala Lumpur, Condo for sale

Cheras Heights, Taman Bukit Cheras

Cheras Heights, Taman Bukit Cheras

Address: Taman Bukit Cheras, Cheras, Kuala Lumpur
Property Type: Condominium
Land Title: Residential
Project land area: 3.06 acres
Tenure: Freehold
Built Up: 1,394 – 2,823 sq.ft.
Listing Price: From RM524,480 – RM1,086,480 (penthouse)
Bedrooms: Type A,B,C,D 3+1 rooms / Type E,F 4+1 rooms (penthouse)
Bathrooms: 2-5
Car parks: 2 or 3 bays
Total Units/Lots: Phase 1 – 150 units, Phase 2 – 150 units
Bumi Discount: 5%
Maintenance Fee: RM0.25 psf

Completion Date:
Phase 1 – June 2013 (Expected)
Phase 2 – 3 years from SPA

* Free Sale Purchase Agreement lawyer fee
* Free 4 air-cons + Installation

Swimming Pool
Wading Pool
Children’s Playground
Multipurpose Hall
Gymnasium Room
BBQ Area
Mini Market
Landscaped Garden
24 Hours Security
Smart Card Access Car Parking
CCTV at select common area
Cable ready TV Points

Please contact Vivian Ng 012-3847410 or Fei Ern 012-6281383 for more details or arrange viewing.

The Show Unit

Surrounding Environment

Development Progress

Development Progress on 3 June 2013
Phase 1 is almost ready and currently at the stage of tidying the interior
Phase 2 is on the Penthouse level.

Please contact Vivian Ng 012-3847410 or Fei Ern 012-6281383 for more details or arrange viewing.


133 thoughts on “Cheras Heights, Taman Bukit Cheras, Kuala Lumpur, Condo for sale

  1. Hi, i interested on type A to D…
    can i know more detail on the price, unit left, and all related information.

  2. Hi Vivien ,

    I am interested on this condo , 1. When is this condo start launching ?
    2. How many percent of the unit had sold?
    3. Any delay of the project ? if so when is the target completion date (with CF) ?
    4. Can I have a look on the unit left at the moment and the price list ?
    5. Can U advise what is the loan offer also, i mean based on your current sale unit ?



  3. Hi,

    I’m interested on this condo. Any available units left? if yes, kindly send me the pricelist.
    and when phase 2 will be launching?



  4. Hi,

    Could you send me the price list of the condo(with the available units left).

    And I would like to know when will be the launching of phase 2.


  5. Hello, I’m interested in this condo. Can I have information of price for every unit? If I want to view, how to make appointment?

    Wait for your reply. Thanks

  6. Hello,

    Is there still any available units left? Can you pls send me the details and information of price for every unit?

    Thank you.

  7. Please send me infor. for the left pool view – intermediate unit, I am interested 2. Is the furniture in the unit provided?

  8. Hi, please let me know if there is any discount for this condo, I am keen to buy. Give me 3 or 5% discount and I will buy one.

    Please send me the detail what promotion for this condo

  9. Any idea why the clubhouse and swimming pool share with car park lot? why not make all green, no car, that would be my feedback

  10. hi there, I am interested to buy an unit here. any unit left? promotion for buyer such as SPA & legal free? DIBS?

    your early reply is highly appreciated. Thanks.

  11. Hi ! I am interested to buy an unit here. any unit left? promotion for buyer such as free SPA legal fee? What is the price now? any price list and units list?

  12. Do you have the floorplan for Type B with measurement in details, the actual length and width for each and every room?

  13. Hi,

    My name`s Henry. I am interested to buy a unit, phase 2 facing the pool. Level 8. Intermediate unit. Would just like to clarify some doubts :

    1) Is the SPA and all legal fees absorbed by the developer? Meaning only have to pay the RM5K booking fees?

    2) Is this a commercial or residential property?

    3) Who are the banks giving the loans for this development? Any promotions? Need complete details regarding bank loan details. (all the participating banks in the development)

    4) The unit comes completely bare other than the 4 air conditioners? Are there built in cabinets in kitchen or bedroom?

    5) Is the maintenance fees still RM0.20/sqf?

    6) When exactly is the completion of phase 2? Which quarter of 2014?


    • Hi Henry,
      1) Yes SPA fee absorbed by developer. You have to pay the loan agreement fee (if any).
      2) Residential property
      3) Public Bank, CIMB, MBSB, if not mistaken HSBC / Hong Leong too… need to double confirm.. which banks do you preferred?
      4) Yes 4 air conditioner with installation No built in kitchen cabinets nor wardrobe.
      5) RM0.22
      6) Phase 2 targeted 3 years from SPA.

      Thanks & regards, Vivian Ng 012-3847410

      • I heard that the average rental that you can get for a 1394 sqft condo for this development is only RM800??? I mean, how can you charge so much when the rental rate is only RM800? The installment already is about RM 1700, how are supposed to cover ur installment with such a low rental rate? What is the primary reason as to why the price of this condo is so expensive? I asked one of your property agents at the show room. Btw, how come the maintenance fees go up? 2 weeks ago it was only RM0.20 psf?


      • Hi Henry, the building was not built yet, phase 2 just recently launched. Not sure where you get the rental RM800 information. In fact, phase 1 targeted completion date is next year June 2012. By then only we will get the rental statistic. Normally for new condo, we will at least aim for a 7%-8% return. The condo pricing is reasonable. If you think it is over priced, suggest that you may look at other properties that suites your requirement. The maintenance fee is RM0.20 + sinking fund RM0.02 = RM0.22psf as for now, of course there might be some adjustment subjects to conditions but it should not exceed RM0.25psf. For your info, maintenance fee is only payable upon CF of the building, so don’t worry now. Regards, Vivian 012-3847410.

      • Are there anymore intermediate (1394sqft) condos available at phase 2 on the 5th or 6th floor? The condos on the 5th or 6th floor, do they have 1 or 2 carparks provided?

        Could you email me the list of all units available as of today for phase 2 of the CH development?



  14. Hi ,

    I’m interest in Cheras Heights.

    1 ) Any available units facing KLCC ( Phase 1 or Phase 2 ) and what is the price list ?
    2 ) When is the launching for Phase 2 and what is the pricing ? Please provide me a detail list of pricing for all units facing KLCC.
    3 ) What is the completion date for Phase 2 ?


  15. Thanks for reply Vivian. So, there are 3-4 floors of carparks below the condominium.
    And the apartment opposite of CH Phase 2 is about 10-storey high.

    Am I right to say that one could only have klccc view with at least (3+8) 8th floor high?
    Thanks. Just to clarify this, as before, it was mentioned that only phase 1 has KLCC view….

  16. Hi ,

    I’m interest in Cheras Heights.

    1 ) Any available units facing KLCC ( Phase 1 or Phase 2 ) and what is the price list ?
    2 ) When is the launching for Phase 2 and what is the pricing ? Please provide me a detail list of pricing for all units facing KLCC.
    3 ) What is the completion date for Phase 2 ?


  17. When will phase 2 (Blk A1) be completed? It is supposed to be 2014 but when exactly? Early, middle or end 2014?

    If I were interested in Blk A1 level 6 (RM415,780) and were to get a loan for 90%, will the developer bear the interest during construction period? If not how much will that come out to be?

    Also, if I were to come to the showroom on the 20th January, will it be open? If not when will you be open or closed during the CNY holiday period.

    Please advice,


    • Hi Henry,
      1) Actual handover should be 36 month from your SPA date, however the construction for phase 2 already started hopefully by end of 2014 or earlier.
      2) You can apply loan with PBB or CIMB. DIB Scheme not available. The figure depends on individual loan amount and construction progress. Please check with your banker or I can ask a banker to contact you. Let me know.
      3) The sales office open from Monday to Friday 10am-6am, Saturday 10am-12pm, close on public holiday. 20th Jan should be opened. Please contact Vivian 012-3847410 to fix a schedule to avoid disappointment.

      Thanks & Happy New Year to you.

  18. hi,
    1. Is there any unit left for phase 2 (type A) and how much is the price?
    2. when is the completion date?
    3. Is the promotion still available(Ie. air-conditional)?

  19. Hi, how come the maintenance fees has been increased from RM0.22 psf to RM0.25 psf ? When I purchased my unit, it was RM0.22 psf, hw come it increased without any information sent to the buyers? Or is this only for new buyers of the condo? Please advise. Thank you.

  20. Hi. I am a home owner of a unit on this Cheras Heights Property. When I bought my property, it was RM0.22 psf & they said the max it would go to is RM0.25 psf after consultation with all home owners. But why is now going at RM0.25 psf? Is it only apply to new homeowners from now onwards? Please advise.

    Henry Wilfred

    • Hi Henry your are right, the maintenance fee is still RM0.22 psf please just follow your Sales And Purchase Agreement. Our information is just an estimation for the highest amount in future (like you say). Of course you will be informed officially if there is an increment. Again the information here is an estimation ya. We put it as RM0.25 psf so the new prospect from our website can calculate their budget and commitment base on highest estimation.

  21. Hi, can you post some pictures of the laundry area for the condo? Or if you can`t please email them to me. Thanks.

  22. Hi,
    I am interest for Phase 1. For the Phase 2 it is Penthouse?
    Kindly email me the available units and details.

    Stephy Hing

  23. Hi, was wondering when will the Phase 1 units be ready? If I`m not mistaken, it should have been ready in Dec 2012 but it has yet to be completed. What happens now if I own a unit in this block but it has yet to be completed?

  24. Hi good day. May i know any unit available? appreciate if you could provide me the relevant info, i would like to know where is the location for show unit as well. Thanks…..

    • Hi Christina, now all selling around 600k. We have a townhouse in Pandan Indah for sale RM450k, 1,600sq.ft. with 3 rooms 2 bathrooms. contact Vivian 012-3847410 if you are interested.

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