Velodrom Business Park, Cheras For Sale

Veledrome Business Park, Cheras

Velodrom Business Park 4-storey Shop-office, Cheras

Corner unit available for rent

  • 50′ x 60′ with lift
  • 5 Storey
  • Ground floor: RM15,000
  • 1st floor: RM4,800
  • 2nd floor: RM4,600
  • 3rd floor: RM4,500
  • 4th floor: RM4,000

Intermediate unit for rent/ for sale

  • 22′ x 70′
  • 4 storey
  • Freehold
  • Whoel unit for rent: RM9,000 (nego)
  • For sell: RM1,700,000
The Veledrome Business Park, Cheras

The Velodrom Business Park, Cheras

The Veledrome Business Park, front carpark area

The Velodrom Business Park, front carpark area.

About Velodrom Busienss Park

  • Next to Velodrom Stadium (Indoor/Cycling)
  • A lot of parking space available

Location Map


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